FAQ Link and Information for New Readers - Till BigFred Returns!

FAQ Link and Information for New Readers - Till BigFred Returns!

Post by Harry Smit » Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:00:00


Fred offered to take over the posting of the FAQs, and I don't want to
take that task back, but we need to keep them up on the servers 'till he
returns, so here it is:

The following information is reposted periodically for the benefit of
new members to the group.

For more detailed information than that presented below, you can access
the following URL for a nicely indexed discussion of most of the topics
of interest to a beginning collector, or to anyone with a specific
interest or question relating to coins.


I cannot take credit for the writing of any of the FAQs or the Charter,
and am only the poster of this notice.
Overview Information:

Two newsgroups on the Usenet portion of the Internet exist for
discussions of numismatic topics:


If you need help accessing these or other newsgroups, contact your
service provider.

These groups are distributed just about everywhere in the world where
Internet access is available, and articles are posted by participants
from several countries. While most articles are written in English,
posts in other languages are part of the international nature of the

In addition to usual "netiquette" (see news.announce.newusers), please
keep the following guidelines in mind when posting articles to these

1. Only write about subjects that are "on topic" for the group, as
defined in the group's charter (see below). Any area of numismatics is
ok in rec.collecting.coins. Articles without numismatic relevance are

2. When requesting information about a numismatic item, provide as much
identifying information as possible, including (when known) what country
issued it. Dollars, pennies, and many other denominations have been
minted in multiple countries. Do not assume those who read your article
will know which one you mean.

3. Never post images or other binaries. It's ok to post a text only
article with an offer to send images by e-mail or to view them on a web
site, and they may be posted to appropriate groups in the alt.binaries

4. If posting about material you wish to sell, include "FS" (for sale)
or "FA" (for auction) in the subject header, e.g. "FS: Ancient Greek

5. If posting about material you wish to buy, include "WTB" (want to
buy) in the subject header, e.g. "WTB: Early U.S. Proof Sets"

6. Limit the number of buy and sell offers you post. One per day is
generally accepted. More than 3 per day will get you a lot more enemies
than customers. Combine announcements about coins you are interested in
selling or acquiring into one post rather than separate posts for each

7. Avoid reposting the same buy or sell offers too frequently. Once a
week for the same announcement is plenty. Most news servers save
articles for a week or more, and yours will still be there when each
reader gets around to checking the group.


Charter for rec.collecting.coins

[from the "call for votes" during the proposed group creation in 1994]

rec.collecting.coins will be for the discussion of all things related to
coin collecting. Suitable topics will include:

       Tokens, currency, pattern, medal collecting
       News relevant to coin collecting
       Upcoming coin shows/programs
       History behind coins
       How not to get ripped off by dealers, mail order places, etc.
       Book reviews
       Rare finds in circulating currency
       Questions about particular coins-- identifying, appraising, etc.
       Offers for trades, price lists, auctions