Great Excel Based Coin Program $5 bucks

Great Excel Based Coin Program $5 bucks

Post by Wylie A. Eato » Sun, 07 Feb 1999 04:00:00

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                  GREAT COIN Excel based database FOR SALE!!

        Hi folks, I'm selling a wounderful coin database based on the M.S.

Excel program for your windows 95 operating system computer.  With this

add-on you will be able to keep track of all of your coin collection.  

         Just think about always knowing which coins you have and which

one's you need.  By using the different features of Excel coupled with

this add-on you will always know how much your collection is worth.  Some

of the coins sets already have the prices put in for you!  For example

Peace Dollars, Franklin Halves, Buffulo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, Copper Half

Cents, Morgan Dollars, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, United States Gold Coins,

and thats just some of them. The ones that don't have the price's on them

are also very easy to use.  For example- Barber Dimes, Barber Quarters,

Barber Half Dollars, Indian Head Cents, Liberty Standing Quarters,

Liberty Head Nickels, Large Cents, Jefferson Nickels,  Washington

Quarters, Liberty Walking Half Dollars, and yes, there are more.  

         So if your a coin collecter, know matter how big or small,

this is the add-on for you.  If you would like this great add-on

on a disk it is only $5.00 dollars and CD's are only $7.50 dollars.

Thanks for your time,

Travis Eaton