I got a bargain this weekend -- my first slabbed Morgan

I got a bargain this weekend -- my first slabbed Morgan

Post by Mark Behren » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 12:10:07

First, I want to thank you all for all of the information passed in this
group.  I probably would have passed on this purchase without all of the
advice here.

Saturday I went to one of the local coin dealers--one that I only go to once
every 6 months or so.   The stock was pretty weak, with lots of lower grade
lesser coins.  Then I noticed three green label PCGS slabs all with common
date S mint Morgans graded MS-64PL.  I probably should have bought them all,
but just got the best looking one--a 1880-S.  The good news was that they
were priced at non-PL prices.  I paid $50 for it.  There are minimal contact
marks.  From other Morgans, I would guess that it might be a 65 by today's
standards.  There is no way it would go DMPL, but if the prices go up for
65PL, I may want to try the crack out game.

One question--where do you Morgan experts go to find prices for the coins?
Coin Values doesn't list PL Morgans.  The only place I found a price was at
the PCGS site, which states $90.  I did a quick search of Teletrade and
found out that a 1880-S PCGS MS-64PL is going anywhere from ~$85 to $120.
Does the Grey sheets break out PL from the normal strikes and DMPL?