FS- Rare Australia Florins listed.

FS- Rare Australia Florins listed.

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The following coins all come from THE GRANGE HOARD. This hoard was
buried in the Brisbane suburb of The Grange circa 1940. It comprised
of over 6,500 Australian Cimmonwealth Florins.

 Australia Florin 1910 aF. One year type.       $26
Australia Florin 1910 VG. One year type         $14
Australia Florin 1910 aVG. One year type        $8
Australia Florin 1914H rare VG  $22
Australia Florin 1915 rare aVG  $18
Australia Florin rare1915H VG   $18
Australia Florin very scarce1919 VG     $10
Australia Florin very scarce1921 VG     $8
Australia Florin 1933 very scarce gF/aVF        $34
Australia Florin 1936 Unc.      $150
Australia Florin 1936 EF.       $12

Prices are US Dollars. Shipping  Airmail at $2 for one to 4 coins then
50 Cents for every additional coin.

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