Finds from Penny roll checks - weird canadian penny find

Finds from Penny roll checks - weird canadian penny find

Post by Ron » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 15:52:04

So, the pennies provided a lesser amount of time than the nickels
(since I had already started the books on the memorials).

Nothing special other than 1919 - between G-4 and VG-8
1953 - F-12
(already had both those dates in my wheaties book)

1975 canadian :(

And, the one that REALLY through me.... 1941 canadian (it through me
because I remember JUST reading how the IND IMP on the obv had to be
removed (I forget which year)....then BAM!, I get one.aside from
toning/corroding look (it is REALLY dark and I don't know its
"natural" color) it has really sharp/fine details.
Being a canadian coin, it probably isn't worth much anyway though...oh

Larry...if you are reading this, thanks again for the photograde is as good to get started as people have said and I am
using it quite a bit right now.

Now...on to the dimes....

Oh yeah....almost forgot to, the bank I got these from
included at least 1-2 ***coins in each roll (10 or 11 rolls I
Unreadable, mangled, corroded, slimed with some gummy substance, you
name it, it was ugly.  EACH AND EVERY roll!  For the 1919, 1953, and
1941canadian, I found all 3 of those in the same roll (along with my
1971-S and 1969-S that I needed.  Once again, my book is missing
mainly philadelphia mintages.

Still need:
1968-S (my birthyear)
1982 (ok...aside from using a scale, how DO you tell the difference
ith the copper and zinc???)...Alan?  Anyone?

I think I have a 1982 copper lg date (crappy condition though) don't
have 1982 copper small date.  Nor 1982 zinc small date

I won't even list the wheaties I am still missing yet.....I want to
try to cover all the "current" ones in the books for my boy first.

The penny search was "interesting" and was actually better than the
nickel search...I didn't think it was.