Can I get the Australian expert please?

Can I get the Australian expert please?

Post by Mike Lock » Tue, 20 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Come by my web page and have a look at my extensive list
of Australian 1/2d and 1d varieties.  The series is full of
interesting varieties including major doubled dies, offset
clashes, missing mint marks, and hub changes.

Values are a bit difficult to nail down.  These coins are
mostly extremely common in worn condition, but scarce to rare
in nice condition.  Values range from $0.05 to $990,000.
"World Coins" by Krause, "Rennicks Australian Coin and
Banknote Values" by Skinner, and "Australian Coins and
Banknotes" by McDonald all list full retail values.  The
later are in Australian dollars so divide by about 2 to
get realistic fair market values.  The later are easily
available in Australia for $10 or so.  "World Coins" is
much larger and more expensive since it covers all

$990,000 is for a proof 1930 penny.  Several of the coins
in this series are very valuable:

1916 1/2d with the obverse legend "GEORGE V KING EMPEROR".
  I saw a "cull" example sell for $600.  About 10 known
1923 1/2d.  Nearly as scarce and the 1930 1d, but worth
  about 1/10 as much.
1930 1d.  One of the two proof examples accounts for the
  $990,000 auction record noted above.  The estimated mintage
  of these is 1500, although a large proportion of these
  seem to have survived.
1931 India obverse, dropped 1, 1d.  About 20 known examples
  Estimated mintage less than 1000.
Any proof from 1954 or earlier.
1955 perth proofs
1956 perth proofs
1964 perth proof penny
Any full red (or nearly full) red UNC from 1936 or earlier

A lot of the varieties are worth a premium, and I am always
hunting for new varieties and upgrades to the ones that I
have.  I am especially interested in finding examples of:
  1931 India obverse, dropped 1, 1d.
  1955 perth obverse perth 1d.


> > Don't know of anything that is in less demand than Australia unless it
> > is Bulgium. Most 1/2 pennies and pennies catalog for .20 to .50 in
> > Good. "Fair" is actually not much better than a cull. Dealers tend to
> > pay 3c for foreign coins. Notwithstanding, anything is possible on E-
> > bay. There is one outstanding exception and that is the 1930 penny. Got
> > one?

> I'm sure there's one in "the collection", but I'm just as sure that it's
> not for sale. :)  Anything *is* possible on e-bay, and it might be worth
> the listing fee to try my luck there.  I may, however, be heading to
> Aussieland for grad school...maybe there's a market there?

> What's so special about 1930?

> -- Jack Tarkaan                                      Kalamazoo,


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