Anyone out there looking for CTD's (MTC's)?

Anyone out there looking for CTD's (MTC's)?

Post by Ken Ba » Sat, 21 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm in the process of buying a large collection of
Canadian Trade Dollars (CTD's), known by some as
Municipal Trade Coins (MTC's).  All I know so far
is that there are twelve double-row boxes with
tokens from towns ranging from Abbotsford to
Yellowknife ...  I'll be spending some time with
Cote and Sauchenko over the next few days/weeks
to make up a definitive list, but will be happy
to quote availability/price on any special items
on any "want lists" in advance if so requested.

While I'm here, is there any "standard practice"
for listing these items:  either alphabetically by
town (provinces intermixed), or alphabetically by
town within a "by province" list?  Fortunately, with
'puters, I can modify any list format quite quickly,
but I'd certainly rather do it "right" the first time,
if there is such a thing as "right" in this case ...



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