How to send coins for certification

How to send coins for certification

Post by Aram H. Haroutuni » Tue, 25 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I think that this is very useful info.  I would like to add that if
you go to major shows, ANACS will take submissions at the show after
giving you an unofficial opinion.  I believe that PCGS might also do
that, but I'm not sure.  My experience with ANACS was very positive.
HTH  Aram.

>Dear friends,  First, you need to get out the checkbook, or get ready the
>credit card.  Nobody encapsulates your coin for free.  Then, you need
>oversized flips to hold your coins.  ANACS has little bags that go inside the
>flips.      They will gladly sell you them.  PCI and ANACS are the services you
>can go to individually, without going through a collector club, or dealer
>network, I do not know about SEGS or ICGS.

>     You need to use an envelope that is protective.  I think it should have a
>safety mailer inside.  You can't send registered mail in one of those padded
>jiffy envelopes.  Make sure your coins do not rattle in the package.
>You need to send them in, listed with retail values, on a submission form.  I
>think most of the grading services have web sites with forms you can download.

>  I know registered mail is expensive.      However you do not want to
>underinsure your coins.  Some coins are not easily replaced.

>    Expect a wait of 3-4 weeks, minimum after sending your coins out, to get
>them back.  PCI has 6 day turnaround.  The others charge more for fast

>  HTH, and good luck.  If you do not like the grade you get, you can pay for
>a regrade.  Roxanne