Young "Dealer" needs advice please.

Young "Dealer" needs advice please.

Post by Steve Moo » Thu, 11 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I grew up in an antique an coin dealer family.  I run an antique and
coin shop in my home town and have been selling on eBay for over a
year.  I have pretty much restricted my sales to certified coins and
modern proofs and commems.  Hard to***up grading.  My father was the
true Numistmatist in the family.  He dealt in coins not to make money so
much, but to be around coins so he could enjoy their beauty.  He was
teaching me the business when he passed away 3 years ago.  In those 3
years I have learned the coin business from  hard work, help from some
aquaintances, and the school of hard knocks.  He did teach me the
business using old school rules.  Done right your word is as good as
gold.  Your reputation is the only thing you have and it takes a long
time to build it, but just a few seconds to rip it apart.  Anyway now
you know what my background is, here is my predicament.

A good customer wants me to broker his better coins to raise some cash.
I have been buying coins from him for about a year, he lets me grade and
price the coins and I pay him so much a month.  Really a sweet deal for
me.  These powerhouse coins he wants turned faster so he has the money
in hand.  I have a few connections in the coin world including
Silvertowne in Indiana, Finegold's in California, and a handful of
dealers in my area.  I feel I have to find dealers which specialize
somewhat in certain areas, or perhaps try the eBay auction route.
Anyway here is a list of some of the things which I will be handling.
If anyone has any comments or ideas where to begin please let me know.
If you are interested in the items let me know and I will let you know
what the final disposition will be.  I have not identified all the
varieties yet.
Here we go:
Silver Colonial Dollars  1798, 1799

Half dollar collection starting w/
1794,95,1803,06,06,7,3-09,2-10,12,14,2-17,plus one or two for every year
from 1818 to 1839  many XF+  some I'm sure have been cleaned, but also a
few choice MS coins

An 8 Reale collection w/ a 1687, and 25 from 1740 to 1821
also some Gold Libertads

A Russian 5 Kopek collections w/ the complete date run from 1763 to 1796

26 MS63 to 4 Morgans certified by Compugrade, I was not aware of this
service.  He claims they demand a premium.  Is this true?

A nice Barber quarter collection.

A decent, but incomplete Buffalo collection including:
a double strike 1916, according to him this is different from the double

There is alot more, but these are most of the highlights.  I realize I
have alot of work ahead of me and alot to learn.  This is a good problem
to have also.  I feel privileged to get to work w/ some of these coins
and honored that I am trusted enough to handle these on a handshake.
If anyone reading this has any interest in, or knows who would be
interested in these coins please let me know.  I am especially concerned
about the 8 Reales and the Russian 5 Kopeks.
I feel I have become quite proficient in technical grading, but I need
help in market grading.  I have thought of  getting some help grading
from authorities( for a fee of couse) and selling these at auction.

Right now I guess I am just fact finding.  Any information at all will
be welcome.
Also if anyone knows about high end signed prints including Nagel,
Mukai, and others let me know.
Thanks in advance.
Steve Moon
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Young "Dealer" needs advice please.

Post by Coins Du » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

  Hi Steve. I am an Early Half Dollar collector and would like to urge you to
get in contact with dealer/specialist Sheridan Downey in Oakland  CA.

half dollar field and will deal with you fairly.          
ps- give him my best regards
rec collecting coins


Young "Dealer" needs advice please.

Post by EdKuszm » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

>Subject: Re: Young "Dealer" needs advice please.

>Date: 3/11/99 7:29 PM Eastern Standard Time

>  Hi Steve. I am an Early Half Dollar collector and would like to urge you to
>get in contact with dealer/specialist Sheridan Downey in Oakland  CA.

>half dollar field and will deal with you fairly.          
>                                                      mike
>ps- give him my best regards
>rec collecting coins

I agree.  Sheriden Downey is a good dealer for
early type coins.  He will also be at the Baltimore
Coin and Currency Show next weekend (March 19-21)
Ed Kuszmar