sba type I & II

sba type I & II

Post by robert ivancic / patricia smicikla » Sun, 25 Jun 2000 04:00:00

okay group, what is the difference between the sba types I & II?

sba type I & II

Post by Bill Krumme » Sun, 25 Jun 2000 04:00:00

>okay group, what is the difference between the sba types I & II?

First, the 1979 Ty I & Ty II.  For me, this is the easier year to
distinguish.  The majority of the proof coins minted in 1979 were minted
with a mintmark that can honestly be called a blob, the 1979 Ty I.  I have
yet to see a Ty I mintmark that has any open fields between the loops of the
S.  Towards the end of production, the mintmark was changed for the better.
While not the sharpest mintmark, generally there was at least some field
showing inside the loops of the S.

My understanding is that the 1979 Ty II variety continued until late in the
production of 1981 proof sets, when another change was made in the mintmark.
The 1981 Ty I mintmark is the same as the 1979 Ty II mintmark.  The
difference between the 1981 Ty I and the 1981 Ty II is much more subtle to
my eyes.  The top serif of the S is more bulbuous in appearance with the Ty
II.  Ken Potter has an excellent website, which would be beneficial to view.
One page, which loads slow for me because of the number of images, has
images of the 1981 S Ty I and Ty II varieties at the bottom of the page.
See at;

Allow time for the page to completely load.

There have been a number of inquiries about the TyI and Ty II mintmarks in
recent postings, including one I made about a week ago.  I have 6 1981 S
proof sets, of which one is almost a Ty II set, less the quarter.  Image is

Six SBA mintmarks from six proof sets, letter f is the Ty II .   The images
are taken at 60X.  My set is not considered a type II set because one
denomination, the quarter, is type I.  Proof sets can have all possible
combinations of Ty I and Ty II mintmarks, but only if all denominations are
Ty II, can the set be correctly promoted as a Ty II set.  Ditto for 1979 Ty
I and Ty II sets, I assume.  Checking my 5 1979 sets, I have found one set
that has the Ty II mintmark.  All other coins in the 5 sets are Ty I.

BTW, much of what I have just posted has been recently learned by myself and
is subject to correction from the more experienced.   Bill Krummel


sba type I & II

Post by Pab Sungeni » Sat, 01 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Quoting the inspirational words of "ROBERT IVANCIC / PATRICI:

RIP>okay group, what is the difference between the sba types I & II?

Depends upon which 1 & II you're referring to.

1979P Type 1 (Far date) and Type 2 (Near date) have different placement of
the date and width of the 11-sided rim.

1979S and 1981S have types based upon variations in the S mintmark.

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