FS: 1999 SUNOCO Millennium coin series

FS: 1999 SUNOCO Millennium coin series

Post by Rhumrun » Thu, 12 Aug 1999 04:00:00

This is a complete set of ten solid brass coins depicting key events of the
past millennium.

1. Columbus Discovers America
2. Declaration of Independence
3. Signing of the U.S. Constitution
4. Emancipation Proclamation
5. First Telephone
6. First Automobile
7. Wright Brothers First Flight
8. American Woman's Right to Vote
9. Man's First Moon Landing
10. The Third Millennium

Each coin is approximately  1-1/4" in dia. and comes individually wrapped.
Also included is an attractive display card that will hold all ten coins.
(Aprox. 9"x9")

Each set is reasonably priced at  $ 20.00 plus $ 3.00 S&H to anywhere in the
Outside U.S. please inquire for S&H.

Checks or MO's only.   For checks please allow ten days to clear before
MO's shipped the next day.

Thank you.