Help with Cuban banknotes

Help with Cuban banknotes

Post by Andrew Tumb » Wed, 07 Dec 1994 03:51:58

For the past 6 monthes I have been swapping Canadian banknotes
for Cuban ones with a guy in Cuba.   What I'd like to know
is what these notes I'm receiving are worth (I want to know if
I'm getting my money's worth).  Our library's Krause is a 1980 ed.
So I was hoping a fellower reader with an up to date Krause could
help me out.  I would be very thankful for any information.  

And now a list of the notes:

1959 series 100 pesos in G
1960 series 5 pesos in VG
1960 series 10 pesos American Banknote in VG
1960 series 10 pesos Thomas De La Rue with Che signature in VG
1988 series one peso in F
1986 series 10 pesos in UNC
1991 series 5 pesos in UNC
1991 series 20 pesos in UNC

that's it any help would be appreciated