New Web Site for the Ancients Collector

New Web Site for the Ancients Collector

Post by Kevin Barr » Sun, 13 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I would like to invite everyone to visit a new web site at:

It has been under construction for some time now and it is finally ready
for the public. There will be continual updates, so stop back often.

Highlights include:

  *Information for collectors
     Roman timeline
     Web pages for attribution help on
         roman inscriptions
         names as they appear on coinage
     Pronunciation guide

  *Price lists for
     Roman (partial)
     Greek (silver now and bronze will be up in a few days)
     Byzantine is coming soon
     Bargain bin
     Bulk lots of coins

     Instructions for cleaning 'raw' coins
     Book seller list
     Numismatic exchange, a message board for posting wants and trades
     Ancient coin links
     Ancient history links

My partner and I have teamed up to provide collectors with Roman, Greek
and Judean offerings. In the future there will also a series of web
pages devoted to the Greek collector to compliment our Roman collector

The Numismatic Exchange message board is for everyone, so if you have an
item (coins, references, etc.) you are looking for or want to sell/trade
stop by and post a message.

If you get a chance, please stop by. Comments or suggestions are


Kevin Barry
John Darling