Money Sketch Artist Wanted For Redesigne $2 Bill Sketch

Money Sketch Artist Wanted For Redesigne $2 Bill Sketch

Post by malanutt4l.. » Thu, 11 Dec 2008 18:42:20

Here we go again.

Anyway, does anyone here, know where I can find a money sketch artist,
to draw out a Louisiana Purchase theme redesigned $2 bill, to propose
the idea to the Treasury?

I don't care if Fred Shecter thinks I'd be labeled a nutcase for
sending a proposed redesigned $2 bill sketch or not. Daniel Carr has
proposed both $1 and $2 coin prototypes before, and they didn't label
him a nutcase, so, I want to find a money sketch artist that can draw
me a redesigned $2 bill sketch to propose to the Treasury, even if it
is a waste of time and money. Dan says, "You have nothing to lose by
submitting proposals to the government (except the costs involved with
preparing the designs).   If you can sell "prints" of those designs to
collectors, you could recoup much of
your investment, I would think.

Dan also said he submitted his proposals to to the Director of the
Mint, his representitives in Congress, and to Coin World.

So, I would likely send my proposal to the Director of the Bureau of
Engraving & Printing, my representitives in Congress, the Treasury,
and Coin World, as well. I don't think I got much to lose.

Can anyone help me find an artist for this kind of work? I know Jim
Benfield had an artist do a redesigned $1 bill sketch, but I don't
know who they were.