Kraneveld Hosts Delphi Chat

Kraneveld Hosts Delphi Chat

Post by Lloyd de Vri » Thu, 14 May 1998 04:00:00

Delphi's Stamps, COINS & Postal Forum is pleased to announce an
International Coins Chat hosted by Peter Kraneveld this Friday at 1200
GMT (8 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time in the U.S.)

Access to the Forum is free, and it can be found at  Click on one of the CHAT prompts to
reach the chat area. Or visit ahead of time and check out the Message
Board, also free.

Peter has been a coin collector since he got a British West Africa
penny from a teacher for his birthday, now 40 years ago. He put
together a collection of British Commonwealth coins, but is interested
in all coins. He contributes the chapters on Dutch colonial coins to
the Krause and Mishler "Standard Catalog of World Coins" series.

His data base of prices of these coins is available courtesy of the
Royal New Zealand Numismatic Society, at, and he is a member of
"Numismatics International," a Texas-based group for collectors of
coins from all countries of the world.

He is an active writer of numismatic articles. Some of his articles
are on the net, and we hope some will appear here in the Forum

If it all sounds very international, that may be because Peter is
international. he writes in English, lives in France and he is ...