US-EURO Swap proposal

US-EURO Swap proposal

Post by A.C. Coins & Banknote » Wed, 06 Mar 2002 05:00:28

Many of you probably know me already so I hope this makes things easier for
a possible swap.

I offer Finish euro coin sets in exchange for Morgan dollars or Peace or
even today's silver eagles.

I have a spare 100 sets into plastic folders which I can exchange for 100
silver coins like those mentioned above.

I am only giving 100 sets to one person so both save in postage.

I don't care about the condition of the silver coins as soon as they are
VF/F or above. I don't care if they are all the same type, date, mint!

Hope that someone I already know can do this swap with me as I need the $
coins soon!

Apostolidis Christos
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