Progress Report: Culture for Schools - Colleges - Universities

Progress Report: Culture for Schools - Colleges - Universities

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Progress Report: Culture for Schools - Colleges - Universities

Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory:
Scholarly mega site map of world wide Internet resources,
<>, now includes:
the Official Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, while still
carefully watching the National Hurricane Center - USA.

From a celebrity political standpoint, keep updated with:
News, Media and Travel:
2008 U.S. Election: Zogby International
The next President of the United States:
John Sidney McCain III: Ancestry & VP:
Sarah Louise Palin: Ancestry - SARAH (pdf)
or: Barack Hussein Obama II: Ancestry & VP:
Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, Jr.: Ancestry.

Otherwise, have the family history and genealogy
world at your fingertips, using key Internet sites.

Schools - Colleges - Universities: Alumni
and Genealogy Education, is an indexed
worldwide comprehensive resource for top
educational institutions; their genealogy,
family history and related records & services.


* UMAC: University Museum & Collections
  Protect the heritage in the care of universities.
  - UMAC Worldwide Database

. . .
University of Hamburg: Department Biologie
- GenomeWeb - Lists of Genome Sites.
Authoritative collection of the best genome
related sites on the Web, for those interested
in DNA and other related subjects.

INDIA has:
. . .
International Institute of Information Technology:
Digital Library of India

. . .
The University of Tromso (Norwegian:
Universitetet i Tromso) the world's
northernmost university, with its vast
Historical Microdata around the World

. . .
King's College London:
Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England:
Database - Links (PASE) database to cover
all of the recorded inhabitants of England
from the late sixth to the end of the eleventh
century; from a systematic examination of
the available written sources for the period,
including chronicles, saints Lives, charters,
libri vitae, inscriptions, and coins.
. . .
University of Warwick Department of History
- Network for Parish Research:
Study of British and European parishes circa
A.D. 1300 to1800.  Includes works on religious,
social, political and cultural aspects, as well as
interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives.

. . .
- (UT) Utah Colleges and Universities
- Brigham Young University: BYU
- BYU Family History Library:
  - Alphabetical List of Resources
  - Selected Internet Research Sites
- Center for Family History & Genealogy
- Harold B. Lee Library
  - Electronic Reference Databases A-Z
  - Utah Local History Bibliography

And much, much more.

Respectfully yours,

Tom Tinney, Sr.
Who's Who in America,
Millennium Edition [54th] through 2004
Who's Who In Genealogy and Heraldry, [both editions]
Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory