Cool Web Site for Ancient Art Collectors

Cool Web Site for Ancient Art Collectors

Post by JohnJ55 » Sun, 25 Aug 1996 04:00:00

FRAGMENTS OF TIME is proud to announce that its web site has now gone
LIVE! Not just a site listing items for sale, but a robust, informative
site where you can relax, browse and catch up on the latest news and
information concerning the ancient world.  Best of all, our site is
maintained daily.  This means that you should BOOKMARK our http address
and revisit our site frequently to stay a*** of this fascinating field.
 We encourage feedback and will be launching a Q&A section shortly ...
questions from beginners as well as seasoned collectors are welcome.

                    VISIT US OFTEN AT:   

FRAGMENTS OF TIME is one of the fastest growing dealers in America
specializing in anceint Greek, Roman and other ancient Mediterranean
artifacts and coins.  We carry a varied inventory of high quality items in
all price ranges, plus hard to find books about the ancient world.  Our
customers include private collectors, museums and scholars around the

See You There!

John Ambrose