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I posted here a few weeks ago stating that I had sent off coins to be
graded by PCGS.  Well, the first three coins arrived today and here are
the results.
1820 1c  PCGS MS64RB

The person I bought this from thought it was an MS62.  So, I got a good
deal on it.  I was sure that it was higher and I figured it was either
MS64 or MS65.  

1859 1c  PCGS MS64

I thought this coin was an MS-64 and PCGS confirmed it.

1867 $1  PCGS PR53

I thought this coin was a proof, but I also thought it was PF58.  I have
not taken a closer look at it, but I will just to see why they graded it

I still have several more coins out there, so I will post the results when
they come in as well.

So, what do you think?



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>I still have several more coins out there, so I will post the results
>when they come in as well.

Don't have much to say about your results; I'm about to experiment a bit
myself.  I have these 4 "free" submissions acquired by joining the PCGS
"Collector's Club" and I thought I'd send in some higher-end bust halves.

I have questions Re:  PCGS, NGC and ANACS

Are "cleaned" coins flat-out rejected?   I would bet not, as I've got a
couple of ANACS slabs that show apparent cleaning hairlines.  Minor, but
there.  What about PCGS?  I've got a beautiful bustie, nicely toned but
original luster quite apparent, with hairlines under magnification.

What about nice looking MS-level coins that are too bright; had to have
been dipped?

Will an MS-62(??) level coin with an obvious scratch in a critical field
be rejected?  The scratch is there, but not overwhelming.  

A Planchet flaw on an otherwise beautiful 1817 MS61+ coin?  Will it get
graded or rejected?

Given a handful of MS-level bust halves, and a handful of hi-end AU early
busties, I've settled on an assumption that the best MS-level pieces
should be sent to PGCS, and the rest (particularly the AU's) would be
better off being seen by ANACS (or not at all).  Any opinions otherwise?

Just fishing for opinions, as I prepare to send off *something* to PCGS.
Thanks in advance,


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Post by TRog » Tue, 17 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I've just started sending in some coins for certification myself and based upon
what I've received back from ANACS regarding coins likely dipped, they (in my
opinion) were MS 63/64 technically, but were graded MS 61/62. So I think they
dropped the grade for the dipping 1-2 points? Any opinions on this?