Historic Trade Dollar need advice!

Historic Trade Dollar need advice!

Post by Ken Emmer » Tue, 19 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I need some advice!

A partner and I aquired an 1875 S/CC Trade Dollar a couple of years ago and
we wish to dispose of it at Auction or consignment.  What makes this coin
historic or interesting is that is the Authenicator Coin for the Variety.
We aquired the coin through the estate of the finder.  Along with
documentation and trade articles from 1963.  This coin I would net grade as
AU55 it has been lightly wiped on the obverse.  If not for that it would
grade as a MS64.  Coin is an extremely high eye appeal specimen delicately
toned in bluish gold over a PL field,  housed in a plastic case stating it
is the Authenicator Coin.
Normally, I do not buy this series.  With this coins appearance and pedigree
were just to much to pass up.  It is a great coin and story,  we have had a
lot of fun playing show and tell with it for the past couple of years.  At
this point both of us are ready to sell.

Advice and suggestions appreciated,