HA HA HA Family of Eagles

HA HA HA Family of Eagles

Post by Randenat » Tue, 15 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Now gang,

I have never heard of this Family of Eagles establishment, nor have I seen
any of their ads that you discuss.  I am truly in the dark on this one,
but it is always interesting seeing the flames that may protect all of us
in the future.


And I type this as I snicker.  I have recently read a posting that wrote
about them having their own mint marks on Maple Leafs.  And some said it
was absurd for them to say such a thing.  I too, also thought it strange
and wondered "What the ****?"

BUT IT'S TRUE!  I just read it in Coin World.  They are going to have
their own type of mint mark (privy mark, it's called).  Be prepared for
these guys to go absolutely WORLD WIDE!!!  This will be the first I know

Had to tell ya!  I almost died when I read it and I thought of you guys
and gals immediately.

Randy Bullis