PCI Red Slab, Green Slab...Blue Slab?

PCI Red Slab, Green Slab...Blue Slab?

Post by Andrew Tumb » Wed, 15 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have read a lot of posts mentioning that PCI has 2 different slabs.
"Green" slabs denote problem free coins whilst "red" slabs denotes
a coin with problems.

I have only one PCI slab a 1949 Canada $1 PL-58 (PCI slabs seem to be
so scarce here that another dealer asked if the company was still
in business).  Unfortunately there is no green or red on the slab.
THe only colour (other than the white paper and black type) is a blue
border and blue PCI symbol.  Is this normal?   Do I have a red or green slab?

I ask because the coin looks like it may be cleaned.