Strange 1981 US-Denver UNC set (SBA Dollar coin)

Strange 1981 US-Denver UNC set (SBA Dollar coin)

Post by PJ » Mon, 11 Oct 1999 04:00:00

After receiving my '99 P SBA proof I was curious about the thread regarding
a "complete" SBA dollar set.

So I dragged out my few proof/unc. sets ('80 and '81) to remind myself
which year I was missing ('79, obviously?) - hey that was 18/19 years

So the strange part.  I'm looking at my proofs trying to figure out the
Type II SBA dollar that someone mentioned.  Mine appear to have very
"crisp and clear" 's' mint marks - so I guess they are the common ones.

Now to the strange part.  My 1981-D uncirculated set appears to have
a 1981-S SBA dollar instead of the 1981-D that I was expecting!

Thats when I noticed that they have BOTH, a D and S SBA.  Also, the
'80-D set also has them.  So the Denver sets have 7 coins instead of 6.

I was much too young to (now) remember why the mint did this.

Can anyone email an explaination - also, do the '79 unc. sets have all 7



Strange 1981 US-Denver UNC set (SBA Dollar coin)

Post by TomDeLor » Mon, 11 Oct 1999 04:00:00

The 1980 and 1981 Mint sets have the six Philadelphia coins (cent through
dollar) in one package, with the six Denver coins and the San Francisco dollar
in the other seven-coin package.
I was in the room where they were making the sets in 1981, and they were having
a lot of trouble with misplaced coins.
Tom DeLorey


Strange 1981 US-Denver UNC set (SBA Dollar coin)

Post by Mike Lock » Mon, 11 Oct 1999 04:00:00


> Actually, the 79 Type I S, the more common, is little more than a blob.
> The 79-S Type II's mint mark resembles the 80-S and the 81-S Type 1.  The
> 81-S Type II is clearer still.

> The Red Book or Coin Prices magazine should have comparison pictures.

Please do not continue to replicate the Redbook mislabeling of 1981-S
mintmarks as "clear" and "filled" (or less clear).  The 1981-S mint marks
show two different shapes.  Both come clear or filled, which is primarily a
function of how strong the mark was punched into the die and how many times
the die was repolished.  To my eye the type II mint mark looks larger.  The
type II mint mark is very slightly asymetric top-to-bottom.

S'later, Mike Locke