2003 Denver Mint coins (Penny notably) from US MINT set :(

2003 Denver Mint coins (Penny notably) from US MINT set :(

Post by Ron » Thu, 14 Aug 2003 11:55:11

Anyone else order these and get theirs yet?
My gosh the lincolns are UGLY in the 3 I got!!!!
It is like a lot of little bubbles/dots on the obverse.

On one of them, it is like the metal blotched up around  the "S" in
TRUST and goes aroud the rim for a quarter inch or so  and the "3" in
At first, I thought it was some kind of die break, but, when I look at
it under 10s loupe, it looks more like "extra" metal.  Almost like
when you would take silly putty, or playdoh, when you were a kid and
then add a small bit to it later...you could always tell where the
last piece was added.

The philadelphia coins seem fine, but these denver mint coins SUCK.
Most of the ones in the denver holder look like someone rubbed them
around a bit, pushed them heavily against other coins and let them get
sneezed on or dirt on them, then bagged.

I am actually very disappointed in them and these will probably be the
first things I have sent back to the mint :(
Now, do I dare try to get replacements right away or do I wait a few
months and hope that their process improves?



2003 Denver Mint coins (Penny notably) from US MINT set :(

Post by AnswerMa » Thu, 14 Aug 2003 22:15:54

Take another look and you will see that the copper plating has bubbled. This is
caused by contamination on the zinc core before it is plated. It was a serious
problem when the zinc core cents were introduced in 1982, but they must have
skipped cleaning the cores on your cents.
Alan Herbert
The AnswerMan