eBay Gripe Sellers Charging for Ins & Sending Regular Post

eBay Gripe Sellers Charging for Ins & Sending Regular Post

Post by Nick Knigh » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 03:02:41

Sometime WAY BACK in May 2003, in message

    I posted this text:

>Not too long ago I won a large book lot.  I won it at a surprisingly low
>bid.  It was in the area of $25 (less, I think) for 48 Coin Books.  Some
>of these books were thin "booklets", but it was still a nice pile, with
>many titles that caught my interest.  Seller asked for media mail
>shipping, and the total was in the area of $35 (I could check, but I'd
>prefer to remember/guesstimate).  Uninsured.
>The books hadn't arrived after 3 weeks, so I asked the seller.  I got an
>instant "oh!  They must be lost in the mail!!!  Send me your USPS mailing
>address and I'll issue a refund check".  I offered to wait another week,
>figuring book rate is sometimes slow.  A week later, I was urged to take a
>refund.  Again.  Well, I did get my money back, but I sure would have
>rather had the books.
>Bets?  Ok, since we can't prove anything, speculation?  I'm believing the
>books were never even packed up.

I forgot to mention in the original post that I had refused insurance AND
that the seller was eager to still refund my ENTIRE PAYMENT, including the
shipping charges.  THIS was part of the reason I was suspicious!  Why refund
shipping, unless she was feeling guilty that she didn't even ship the box?

Ok, so today I can eat crow.

I went to my "old" PO Box, one I am phasing out in favor of a new one that
is much more convenient considering home/work locations.  I haven't been
there during business hours since April or so.  And I knew they were holding
something "too large for box", I had simply ASSumed this was the periodic
thick auction catalog from an ancients dealer ... that's ALWAYS what it is!

Well, apparently, the seller checked my (somewhat obsolete at the time) eBay
record to get a shipping address.  She ignored the email request to ship it
to my work address, and the same request on the paypal payment.  I didn't
remember to switch my eBay records until some time much later.  Well, that's
what led to a HUGE delay in delivery.  First, the post office was massively
slow in delivering this heavy box (shipped via media mail).  The seller
shipped to an obsolete address, and I failed to check that address until

But my box is now here, in great shape, albeit 7-8 months later.  I've
reported this to the seller, and will send out a check promptly.  I've also
apologized to her for being suspicious!

Now I'm going to sort through this set and rediscover why I was so e***d
about it in the first place :)



eBay Gripe Sellers Charging for Ins & Sending Regular Post

Post by Reid Goldsboroug » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 03:59:07

On Sat, 09 Aug 2003 14:02:41 -0400, "Nick Knight"


>Now I'm going to sort through this set and rediscover why I was so e***d
>about it in the first place :)

Better late than never... It'll be interesting to see what you got.


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eBay Gripe Sellers Charging for Ins & Sending Regular Post

Post by DAVISISLANDD.. » Mon, 11 Aug 2003 04:49:57

Aside from the shipping-address woes, the closest I ever came to being
suspicious of a seller happened just under 2 years ago.

I have reason to believe that the seller waited until he received my
payment for 3 1-oz.gold American Eagles because he needed the cash to go
out and buy the eagles!
The spot price of gold, at that time, was fluctuating (to put it
mildly). It jumped quite a bit right AFTER the action closed.

About 6 weeks later, the spot price was back down to what I won the
auction at, and about 10-days after that, I received the coins.--

All communications during the more-than-2-month wait, were full of some
of the most improbable excuses for not shipping that I had ever

--Now, Regarding Shipping-Address 'snafu's':

Almost 50% of what I buy on eBay is sent to the wrong address.

Yes, I know this seems incredible.

eBay has 2 addresses for me.

One for sellers to SHIP TO,
(which is my work address)
This is the address that eBay correctly gives to anyone looking for my
shipping address.

The 2nd address is for buyers to send their payments to me (when I sell,
which is only occasionally)--
That's my home address.

I receive packages at work because I'm not home during the day to sign
for insured packages (-and I pay for insurance on EVERYTHING I buy. Most
of my purchases have values in the hundreds of dollars).

I always clearly state my shipping address in an e-mail to the seller.

I also attach a letter to my payment, with my shipping address clearly

(BTW, I never use PayPal).

Yet, I've had seller after seller do stupid things like take my home
address off of my personal check and ship insured packages to my home.

One seller, who uses a billing/invoice service for online auctioneers,
had my correct shipping address on his invoice (both the on-line
invoice, AND the hadd-copy invoice), yet actually clipped my return
address off of the envelope in which I mailed the payment, and sent the
insured parcel to the wrong address, anyway!

That particular seller, from whom I had purchased two 1-ounce gold
coins, had to wait for the package to be sent back to him by the post
office, then had to pay for a second insured shipment. Bad business for
him-- and an extra 3 weeks wait for me.

Amazingly, I had even EXPLAINED to that seller (in my e-mail, which he
acknowledged), exactly WHY I needed the parcel shipped to my job!

Overall, I find too many sellers to be extremely careless about
shipping. And, as you might expect, I never buy from them a second time.

I won't leave bad feedback for those mistakes, as I think withdrawing my
future business is enough.
Not buying from them again is in my own self-interest. After all, this
is not a magazine subscription-- I'm buying gold coins from these

Much of this mis-shipping is responsible for my keeping a list of
preferred sellers (something I didn't do at first), narrowing down the
number of sellers I buy from, and making sure I have the telephone
numbers of those preferred sellers.

Often, I do call them to ask about other coins in their inventories. (I
don't pester them about shipments in transit).  I find that some
"phone-familiarity" with sellers is very, very beneficial for BOTH of

(for the record, I do all my eBay business under a different username,
and on a computer that I share with my partner).