Gott coolers vs. rectangular cooler

Gott coolers vs. rectangular cooler

Post by william per » Wed, 24 Jul 1996 04:00:00


I have been reading some of the articles on the manifolds for Gott coolers and then
the introduction of the thread on the rectangular coolers.  I currently have a
rectangular cooler and am interested in the Gott design.  i have done several
sparges with the rectangular cooler and have found that it is difficult to get
really clear wort in the runoff even after sparging with a lot of water.  It seems
to me that if you had a design that was taller than it was wide you could get
better sparging since there is less surface area on the top per unit volume.  

I have done about 10 all grains now and I am getting pretty god extraction

eg an OG of 1.070 using
10lbs of 2 row
2 lbs roasted barley
.5 lb black patent
.5 lb chocolate
.25 wheat

This was a 5 gallon stout.  Mashed for 2 hours at 145 - 151 with a protein rest for
5 minutes at 168.  Sparge water ph was 168 and the sparge bed remained at
approximately 155.  I adjusted the pH of the mash and the sparge water according to
Millers Stout recipe and there was no protein rest.  The sparge took 1 1/2 hours.
In my first few recipes I sparged much too fast so i have been taking a LONg time

I figured it to be somewhere around 28 points/pound, but I wonder if this would be
better with the Gott design.  

Has anyone out there used both designs to see which was the better desing.

Bill Perry


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