Sorry... Recipe Calc off line.

Sorry... Recipe Calc off line.

Post by Joseph S. Sellinge » Fri, 05 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Thats right... My recipe calculator is off line.

I and my ISP are getting a new pipe to the net.
The recipe calculator should be back on line in a week.

I will be getting a new IP address so yp will have to be
updataed. There is another day to have the update sent
around the world.

I am sorry. When the recipe calculator comes back on line
I hope to have a few more improvements made. I think I am
going to be moving to a diffrect database engine.
Msql works great but I have seen it crash several times.
I need something a little more stable.

I will announce when it is back on line.


Joe Sellinger
j s s at jrock dot com