Stainless Pot - negotiate

Stainless Pot - negotiate

Post by David Bac » Sat, 08 Aug 1992 08:32:00

We just marched into a couple of the local restaurant supply places and
dealed with them. We found an 8 Gal for $117, and a 10 Gal for $120.
Both were heavy-duty, industrial weight, etc.

The supply houses we found said something like:
"Well, retail is $160, but let me see what I can do.
(clickity click on the calculator) Looks like I can let it
go for about $132."

I wined and talked about trying to brew my own beer, etc. He says:
(clickity click) Guess I could get down to $117."

Try negotiating a bit. Shop at more than one place. The place listed
below looks like about as good as it's going to get.

+>Just got my first catalog and was stunned to read:
+>#EQP3121  -  10 Gal. Superior Premium Stainless Steel Pot with Cover
+>             (shipping wt. 18 lbs.)............................ $190
+My recommendation is to call Rapids, Inc.  A year ago, I got a high
+quality, 40 qt.  SS pot including lid and shipping for under $125.00.
+The one I have has stood up quite well to the 125K BTU output of my
+Cajun Cooker.  Their prices are 50% off list;  they'll take VISA orders
+over the phone.
+Rapids Inc
+1011 2nd Ave SW
+P.O.  Box 396
+Cedar Rapids, IA 52406


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