It Doesn't Get Any Better

It Doesn't Get Any Better

Post by John Heube » Mon, 16 Nov 1998 04:00:00

As I sip my latest draught Irish Stout I have to think, it just doesn't get
any better than this.  Maybe it's because I haven't brewed a Stout since
last year, and this one just tastes so close to draught Guinness.  But to
be able to create a black nectar like this (or other FRESH HOMEBREW) is THE
perfect hobby.  I feel sorry for those who have to purchase beer this good!

Here's the recipe if anyone's interested:

HBRCP 2.1 Recipe:

Name:   Dark Side Stout              O.G.:  1.043
Style:    Classic Dry Irish              I.B.U.:  37.3
Volume: 5.5 Gallons                    A.B.V.:  3.9%

Grains/Fermentables     Lbs     Hops                            AAU     Grams   Min
Pale Ale, Pauls          7.00   Northdown FWH*          6.0     15.00    90
Barley, Flaked           1.00     Northdown             6.0     35.00    60
Barley, Roasted              1.00

Miscellaneous Ingredients       Amt
Calcium Carbonate               4.00 Grams    
Irish Moss                                 0.50 Tsp      

Yeast: European Ale Wyeast 1338                                    
Prime: Force Carb- Applied 5.5 lbs at 42F for 1.80 volumes        

Add 3 gal of 172 H2O to the grains, stabilize at 156.  Hold for 45 min then
add 1/2 gal boiling H2O to bring temp back up to 156 (dropped to 150).
Hold for 15 min more then drain ~ 1 gal wort, boil, and add back to mash
for mash-out.  

Meanwhile heat 3.5 gal sparge water to 180.  Drain lauter tun onto FWH
and start heating to boil.  Add sparge water to grains, let sit 5 min, then
drain and add runoff to main boiler.  Once boil commences, add bittering

Chilled w/immersion chiller and racked to corny keg.  Chilled to 72 then
forced onto yeast cake from Pale Ale.  Shook carboy several times.
Placed in water bath.  Active ferment within 1.5 hours!

Closest to Guinness that I've gotten!  Wonderful roast barley aroma.

* First Wort Hopped

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