>> WWW Beerguide of Belgium (new release 4.1) <<

>> WWW Beerguide of Belgium (new release 4.1) <<

Post by Peter Crombe » Tue, 03 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Beerguide of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg version 4.1

These pages contain more than 1.200Kb of beer info on Belgium, the
Netherlands and Luxemburg (BeNeLux). You will find here information on
beers and their taste,  on beer styles, on all breweries in the
Benelux, on beerpubs and beershops specialized in selling and serving
the regional, traditional styles of beer and on beer clubs. The latest
Benelux beer news is grouped  at 'News from the Benelux beerworld'.
The Calender of Beerfestivals gives an overview of all beerfests
organised by the European beer consumers societies. Beer on Internet
links you to the best beer sites on the world wide network.

About Version 4.1

An alfabetical archive list of Belgium, the Netherlands en Luxemburg
was added. The list contains all beernames of the last 10 years ( more
than 3.700 names) with reference to the first and last brew if
A list where the Benelux breweries are classified from small to big
(by turnover  in hectoliters/year beer production), was added.
All lists are actualized. This will happen every change of season. New
items are grouped on page: News from the Benelux beer world.Most of
the pages were redesigned.
The 'Beers of the season' page: the autumn beers are there!
The 'Beer on Internet' page is again renewed, extended and updated.