Shoals-A-Like Pale Ale Recipe

Shoals-A-Like Pale Ale Recipe

Post by David Hammon » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00


Hi, all...

I posted a response to the "not-so-hoppy northeastern beer" message in which
I mentioned I had a recipe for a rather hoppy beer that is quite similar (to me)
to a beer that is microbrewed in the area, Shoals Pale Ale brewed by the
***tynose Brewery of Portsmouth, NH.

This recipe is not mine. I picked it up in a local homebrew supply outlet,
Jaspers, in Litchfield, NH. This is now my favorite beer and I try to keep
a constant supply of it around. I hope you folks enjoy it as much as I have.
Hats off to the brewmeister who developed it. He/she did an excellent job!

Dave Hammond
Bedford, NH

Paul's Shoals-A-Like Pale Ale

5 lbs light DME
1/3 lb. crushed 80L Crystal
1/3 lb. crushed wheat
1/3 lb. crushed Cara-Pils
1 oz. Chinook (bittering)
1/2 oz. Cascade (flavoring)
1/2 oz. Cascade (aroma)
1/2 oz. Chinook (aroma)
Irish Moss
Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale / Australian Dry Ale Yeast

OSG  1040-1045
FSG  1010-1014

Place crushed grains in muslin bag and put into one gallon of cold water.
Bring mixture to a boil. Remove and discard the grains. Add 5 lbs. DME.
Stir until dissolved. Add 1 oz. Chinook hops and bring to a boil. Continue
boiling for about 15 minutes then add 1/2 oz. Cascade hops and Irish Moss.
Boil for another 15 minutes. For the last 3 minutes of the boil, add the
remaining Cascade and Chinook hops.

Add to four gallons of cold water. Wait until the wort temp is below 80 F
and pitch the yeast.