electronics upstairs stretchs Zephram's system

electronics upstairs stretchs Zephram's system

Post by Salahuddin Mohamma » Thu, 16 Aug 2007 13:57:56

sounded like a college girl who was a friend of their
family wrote to a very senior management person about a condition and whether
it was going to require surgery.

*   P42 "Secret Power" by Nicky Hager
*   The strange feeling of reading other people's private communications has
*   long worn off and the contents are generally routine.

True, although some emails are hysterical. [The names are unchanged this time]

>  This came from a 23-year-old stud in our ABC department. --guy

>  I have a great NY story to tell you. This past Thursday "The Associate"
>  starring Whoopi Goldberg premiered. Afterwards I went to the party where
>  I met an okay looking girl with a smokin' body. To shorten the story, we
>  go to her place at 60th St. between Park and Lex.  All night she kept
>  bugging me about not having any idea who she was.  So right when we're
>  getting *** she finally tells me: she is Kurt Russel's little sister.
>  Of course I thought she was pulling my leg, but she pulls a photo book
>  out and sure enough, she is Kurt Russel's little sister! I got her phone
>  number, but boy she is a bi