Possible bin source this week at Ames [storing grain]

Possible bin source this week at Ames [storing grain]

Post by Prof. Richard E. Hawki » Wed, 12 Sep 2001 10:40:17

THe thread seems to be entirely gone from my newsspool, so I'll start
again to bring this up.

Ames has a sale on 19 Gal. ***maid storage bins this week for $4.50.
Unfortunately, they had none when I went in yesterday.  But I got the
raincheck, and discovered that we already have one of these for the kids

Somewhere we have the lid, but the one on sale is one without airholes
and seems to have latches on the lid.  I think I can get this near
airtight . . .

hmm, why didn't my grain come today???

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