Mini Mashing?

Mini Mashing?

Post by Rick Hawki » Sat, 25 Nov 1995 04:00:00


>I've been extract brewing for about a year. Haven't gone to full mash
>due to space/cost/time restrictions. I've heard that I could mash a
>few pound in a pot in the oven and then add some extract.  Any one
>successful with this that could give me details + recipe? Thanks.

Hmm, my file seems to be missing, again . . .

Anyway, you can even skip the oven.  Try using 1/3-1/2 of the grain as 2
row or 6 row, to make sure that there's enough enzymes about.

1) Use about 4 lbs of crushed grain in cheesecloth or nylon bags.  

2) Toss into 4 gallons of water, and heat to 155-158.

3)  keep at this temp for about an hour.  every 10 to fif*** minutes,
swirl the bags around several times in the water, then take them out,
ring them out (into the water), and swirl again.

4) at the end of the hour, swirl and wring, then place bag in a
strainer, collander, or whathave you, and slowly pour a gallon of 170
degree water through it.

5) your gravity at this point will be about 1.020 (will varie with
grain, etc.)

6) raise to a boil, add light dry malt extract (get your flavors from
the grain), hops, and proceed as usual.

I don't have the recipe handy, but as i came up with it off the cuff,
this is probably close (and was for 6 gal, not 5):

1 lb choc malt.
1/4 lb black patent
1 lb oatmeal
1/2 lb wheat
1.5 lbs 2 row

3.5 lbs light DME

hop a little heavier than typical for a porter; maybe 12hbu at boil.
hop lightly at finish.

I can usually tell the difference between extract beer and all grain
from a single sniff (whether i try or not).  I was drinking this for a
week before i remembered that it wasn't all grain; i never noticed.