Easy mini-mash for partial grain brewing!

Easy mini-mash for partial grain brewing!

Post by The Cable Gu » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I've seen a lot of questions concerning partial and "Mini-mashing."

A while back a friend of mine who did only extract wanted an easy way
to do an oatmeal stout.

I had a 2 gallon wide mouth thermos bottle available and was able to
mash 5 pounds of grain and "Quick" oatmeal in this.

It was an easy job to preheat the thermos jug. With only 2 gallons of
volume it was also easy to bring the temperature of the water and grains
up to 155f and then pour it into the preheated wide mouth thermos.

If I remember right... The temperature only dropped 2 degrees!

Try it...  You'll like it!

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