boyfriend certainly hesitates Orin's diary

boyfriend certainly hesitates Orin's diary

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's assistant on the Boston
:      Stock Exchange. I have other interviews scheduled next week too.
:      The Fidelity job allows me to complete my education as a trader.
:      Being a specialist is actually the ultimate in listed trading.
:      I feel I am close to something good.


*****************   END OF JOBTALK EXCERPT   *********************************

A lot of people use company systems to hunt for another job; for example,
using, emailing their resume, etc.

Anyone giving a clear indication they were looking for another job I called
in "resume condition".

When it is a risk management person saying he "wants to explain how it works
here", I write it up as a security incident.

It was extremely rare for a company to use a resume report for anything.

However, there is no description of what to do for any given variation of
this report, so...

When a team of people sent their resumes to a business, including that
of a Managing Director, some discreet calls were made to see if we were
losing a whole department. (No, it was for a joint business deal.)


*   The Puzzle Palace, Author James Bamford, 1983 revision, p459
*   When searching for derogatory references to President Richard M. Nixon
*   [ "I had no prior knowledge of the Watergate break-in," said President
*   Nixon looking straight at the camera on a national television address,
*   "It's that simple." ], for example, technicians would have to program
*   a variety of keywords, such as "Tricky***y." This, according to the
*   former NSA G Group chief, would be converted to 'ky----ky."