Good stainless steel pot--great price!

Good stainless steel pot--great price!

Post by Jo » Wed, 20 Jan 1999 04:00:00


All of you extract brewers looking for a great deal on a stainless
steel pot, you can get a 16 quart stainless steel pot with a thick
heat transfer bottom for $30 this week at Meijer's (if you live in the
Midwest and have a Meijer's near you).  It's regularly $60.  I have a
12 quart of the same make and it's a good performer.  Now I can brew
an extra gallon and hopefully improve my results!

BTW, don't buy the cheapo flimsy one that doesn't have the thick
bottom or you WILL scorch your wort--I've done it already.

Joe Gatzek
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