Heated mash tun / lauter tun anyone?

Heated mash tun / lauter tun anyone?

Post by Steven Q. Stult » Tue, 05 Apr 1994 13:25:49

The only two all-grain batches I have brewed including using a Coleman cooler
for a mash tun (one batch utilized a step mash, while the other batch called
for an infusion mash).  Not that I find the cooler to be ineffective, but
I am always looking for better ways and more interesting ways to do things.
I recently read a little on the prospect of using some sort of metal vessel
in which to mash in, heating the mash with a gas burner or on the stove, and
doing this rather than seperatly heating water on the stove and then adding it
to a Coleman cooler.  Does this form of mashing give similar results?  And,
what about using the same vessel to sparge in?  I have heard that you can
affix some sort of spigot with a screen about it to the bottom of the mash
tun, and then use that for sparging instead of a seperate sparging vessle
(lauter run).  Does this also work?  Wow, I guess I'm just full of crazy
questions tonight.  Again, any advice would be very helpful.........


 - Steven.

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