building a mash/lauter tun manifold

building a mash/lauter tun manifold

Post by SB » Mon, 26 Feb 2001 09:20:46

I made one a few years ago. Everything I read at that time said - slits
on  the bottom. Thats how I did mine. Worked fine. No additional screen
was needed with this setup, just recirculate the first runnings until
clear. The grain bed does a great job at filtering the particulates.



> I'm in the process of converting a 10 gallon water cooler to a
> mash/lauter tun.  Scanning some web pages, I've decided to use a
> copper manifold, similar to the one shown here:


> They say to cut the slits in the copper pipe on the top.  However
> instructions from somewhere else said to cut them on the bottom.  Does
> it matter?  I guess I could try one batch one way, and one batch the
> other way to see if it matters.

> Another question, do you place anything else on top of this to provide
> an additional screen, or do you just sparge the grains right on top of
> this manifold?  Thanks.