Half way done ain't done enough -- repitching advice?

Half way done ain't done enough -- repitching advice?

Post by Greg Owen {gowe » Sat, 21 Jan 1995 13:18:11

        I have a batch that may be stuckish halfway through and I need
advice on repitching at this late junction.

        The weather in the Boston area was in the mid-60s this
weekend, so the heat went off.  In fact, it stayed off, even after the
outside temps dropped back down to the 30-40s, because I wasn't cold
enough to care, and my last heating bill was bigger than appreciated.
But I forgot the negative effects temperature fluctuations can have on
the brew -- it probably never dropped below 55 inside, but it did

        So I racked my Stout to secondary after a week today.  I took
a SG reading at the time, and it was 1.020 down from an OG of 1.046.
The FG by the recipe should be somewhere around 1.010, so I am perhaps
a little worried.  Previous brews showed more activity after a week.
The yeast is Wyeast 1084 (Irish Ale), btw.  I can't RDWAHAHB because I
promised my belly no beer this week ;P.

        So, I've turned the heater back on, I'll go out looking for a
water bath and an aquarium heater this weekend, and I'll be keeping a
close eye on the fermentation lock, but what should I do if it doesn't
want to go further?  I can buy another yeast packet and repitch, but
after a week won't the necessary oxygen be out of solution?  I can't
re-aerate it because it'll do the beer bad.  Maybe oxygenate a 1/2
gallon starter well and use it?

        Chances are probably below 10% I'd need to do this, but I'd
rather have a clue just in case.  What do other people do with late
stuck fermentation?

        Thanks for any advice!

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