==>>***NEW VERSION 5.0 of Peter Crombecq's Benelux beerguide*** <<==

==>>***NEW VERSION 5.0 of Peter Crombecq's Benelux beerguide*** <<==

Post by Peter Crombe » Sun, 13 Oct 1996 04:00:00

The Belgium-Netherlands-Luxemburg (BENELUX) BEERGUIDE

These pages contain more than 1.200Kb of beer info on Belgium, the
Netherlands and Luxemburg (BeNeLux). You will find here information on
beers and their taste, on beer styles, on all breweries in the
Benelux, on beerpubs and beershops specialized in selling and serving
the regional, traditional styles of beer and on beer clubs. The latest
Benelux beer news is grouped at News from the Benelux beerworld. An
overview of the Evolutions in the World of Beer over the past decade
in the Benelux is included. The Calender of Beerfestivals gives an
overview of all beerfests organised by the European beer consumers
societies. Beer on Internet links you to the best beer sites on the
world wide network.

New in version 5.0

Version 5.0 - Saturday the 12th of October 1996

- The homepage has a new look (that's why there's a new version).
- A new list 'Addresses of breweries' has been added.
- The 'Beer on Internet'-page has been elaborated and extended by a
section: Beer Consumers Organisations on the Net.
- All lists are actualised with information till the 11th of
September. This is the 'autums' change. New items are grouped on page:
News from the Benelux beer world. The year 1996 counts already 302 new
beers in the Benelux.
- 'Beers of the season'' page: the Autumn beers are there!
- The homepage of the Swiss consumers association has been added
(French/German site).
- The brand-new classification of the Benelux beer styles has been
modified again slightly.
- The Belgian consumers association opened a brand new OBP-site.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Peter Crombecq