Wanted: source for grains

Wanted: source for grains

Post by Eric Silv » Wed, 16 Dec 1992 12:26:29

>I've finally decided to make the move from extract brewing to partial
>mash (and eventually all-grain) but I have a problem; my local home
>brew supplier has a pitiful stock of grains with no real selection.
>No Vienna malt, no cara pils, no German or Belgian or British malts.
>The only crystal malt available is an unknown Lovibond, but is very

>Where do the grain brewers around here (Ottawa, CA) get their grains?
>I'm in Toronto frequently so if there is a source there I could bring
>it back with me.  If I have to I'll go to one of the US mail-order
>houses (hence the distribution on this message), but which ones would
>people recommend?  Are any of them known to ship to Canada?

This has probably been answered fifty million times already, BUT ...

United Canadian Malt Limited - 843 Park (Street?) South, Peterborough,
Ontario. (Hey, its Highway 7 - maybe not Kaladar but at least its
Highway 7) (705) 876-9110  O.K. so I didn't get the (613) exchange!
CANADA MALTING Company (Toronah or Toronto depending on where you're from)
21 Four Seasons Place (416) 620-7575.

Eric Silver - York, Upper Canada.
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