which manifold arms do I slot for a lauter tun?

which manifold arms do I slot for a lauter tun?

Post by Mike Kesle » Fri, 10 May 2002 22:03:53

Looks like JP saw this question and answered it personally :-)

> Mike corrected:

> > He is giving you the correct link, but the incorrect information.
> > so long as you stay and appropriate distance from the wall
> > of the cooler the more slots and the more evenly distributed, the

> To quote JP:
> "The transverse tubes in the rectangular tun should not be slotted to
> prevent channeling. The longitudinal slotted tubes adequately cover
> the floor area without the transverse tubes help. The slots can face
> up, down or to the side; hydraulically, it makes no difference. In a
> circular tun, the same guidelines apply but the transverse tubes can
> be slotted where they are away from the wall"

> Looking at the design, I'd say Scott's picnic cooler was rectangular
> so no slotting of pipes 1, 2, 3 or 4.

> Given that you shouldn't slot the two outside pipes (I didn't know
> that), thats no slots in pipes 5 and 6 either !

> Might have a problem with a stuck sparge or two :-)

> Regards,
> Dave.


which manifold arms do I slot for a lauter tun?

Post by John Palme » Sun, 12 May 2002 01:14:52


> > Scott,
> > Based on my experiments (see book, and hbd archives) the best results
> >blah blah blah...

And then Mike says:

> If he takes into accound the spacing from the walls, and keeps them that
> away, then why not slot them?

> Cheers,
> Mike

Yes, if you take into account the spacing to prevent channelling, then the
manifold works best if everything is slotted.

John Palmer

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