Conical Users - Yeast differences

Conical Users - Yeast differences

Post by Sean Hopkin » Wed, 07 Jul 2004 06:34:11

Just a question for those that use cones out there.

Using my Minibrew conical (12.2 gallon) with a new yeast for the first
time.  I normally use S-04 for almost all of my ales (I mainly made pale
ales - APA / IPA / PA) and I am an AG brewer.  I made my first porter
the other day (recipe to be posted soon in the Bodensatz Strangebrew
archive - as soon as I get a round tuit).  Basically a 1.055 OG porter,
~45 IBU's, Pale ale malt (MO), Munich, Chocolate, Carafa I and Chinook +

I fermented with WLP005 (British ale yeast) and it took a full week to
drop from 1.055 to the current 1.015.  I say that in amazement because

Now I am not disappointed in the rate of fall of the gravity, but I was
more uncertain of how much of a yeast slurry you can expect from a
conical that takes that long to finish.  I was planning on offering some
slurry to a club member making a porter as well and when I dumped on day
3 the quantity was much less than I expected.  With my usual S-04 I
would have had a ton of slurry by that time (last time I used it the
slurry came out looking like toothpaste at that phase of fermentation).

Now that it is a week out the yeast has dropped and I think that I could
harvest a good slurry should I need to (well I will so that I can at
least use it on an upcoming brew).  My main question is how much of a
slurry is a reasonable amount to harvest from a cone at mid-point of
fermentation ? (gravities a days 3 / 5 / 7 were 35 / 25 / 15 respectively).

Secondary questions include are there any resources on conicals and
different yeasts and how they behave differently from fermentation in
carboys / buckets ?  Or should there be ?  Maybe that would be a good
addition to Alan's Bodensatz Yeast DB ?  Also, is there a good and
complete document on using conicals - or should that again be put together ?

Anyhow, any help or comments is / are appreciated.



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