Whooa, Bitter beer face!

Whooa, Bitter beer face!

Post by Charles Dew » Sat, 25 May 1996 04:00:00

From: WANDER1234   To: ALL   Date: 05-23-96 11:44

W >Subject: Whooa, Bitter beer face! CU article.

W >There is an interesting article on beer in consumer reports.  It rates
W >commerical, craft, import and other beers.  I was suprise at the winner
W >in two catagories, craft lagers and regular beers.  Brooklyn Brand(neve
W >heard of it but the  article states that is mostly sold in NY) and Old
W >Milwaukee ( my favorite store beer because it is the cheapest!!).  Ther
W >is no mention about home brewing.

Since Consumer Reports go into rating insurance, beer, and other areas out
of their expertise, I quit going to them for recommendations.

Charles Dewar

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