JimZ Plans: Caution...

JimZ Plans: Caution...

Post by Robert Galej » Wed, 14 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I'm building a trident upscale based on the plans in the JimZ archive
and ran across a problem I thought others might be interested in.

I used Netscape to access the archive and the fin pattern sheet
opened in XView when I downloaded it.  I think (although it
doesn't say anywhere) that the fin patterns are scanned in at
100 dpi.  XView opens the image to the max size of the screen
which turns out to be 72 dpi (for me at least) ending up with a
38% enlargement.  This is also the default size for printing.

I scaled up this enlarged fin and ended up with some really
big fins. Good thing I made a cardboard test fin first..

It sure would be nice if a scale were included with the
fin patterns...

- Robert Galejs