Where is the LOC Stovi's CP?

Where is the LOC Stovi's CP?

Post by The Dickinson » Mon, 18 Oct 1999 04:00:00

This sounds interesting. I have yet to build my Stovi, I will give some
thought to doing it this way! It could make for one heck of a flight!
Happy Flying!


>> That might be hard to do. In order to make the Stovi use a 29mm you have
>> trim the surrounding 24mm tubes to make room for the 29mm mount.  Or you
>> could build it for 24mm and then use the outside 24mm tubes as mount as
>> well.


>Read the message that Tai was referring to; I made a few mods on my
>Stovi so that I will be t*** the upper *outer* portion of the tubes
>so the main BT slips over them.  I have a 29mm and 6 24mm tubes
>available for motors.

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