neat new recovery device

neat new recovery device

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>The transmitter is about 5 mm dia and 10 mm long, including battery, and
>weighs in at 4 grams.  No special arrangements are necessary for the
>antenna, and I used one today to track down a stolen LOC Ultimate. I didn't
>catch the name of the manufacturer, but this is definitely one hot item.  

Based on the description, this sounds like the device advertised on page 6
of the current (August) Sprocketry.

I'll quote from the ad, although I have no connection with this company
other than having seen their ad, etc., etc.

        20 mile air range
        2 mile ground range
        4 gram launch weight (including battery)
        3 element directional antenna (on receiver)

No price is given, but they offer a free catalog. The company is:

        Jim Walston Retrieval Systems
        725 Cooper Lake Rd., S.E.
        Smyrna, GA  30082
        Ph: (404) 434-4905
         or (800) 657-4672

- Jack


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