Apogee Tubes and Centering Rings

Apogee Tubes and Centering Rings

Post by Tim Van Milliga » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Here is the information requeste. Please feel free to pass this

I've overstocked on body tubes, and I need to clear out some space.
So here is a sale that will last until Tax day (April 15, 1997).

For the price of $15 (plus 3.50 for shipping) you get:

(6) 10.5mm tubes
(6) 13mm tubes
(6) 18mm tubes
(6) 24mm tubes

All the tubes are 18 inches long; brand new, premium-quality kraft
paper. Outside color: white. These are the quality you get from
Estes, but at a much cheaper price. If you ordered just the 3 larger
tubes, you'd pay $21.74 from Estes. Please indicate P/N 9520 on your
order request.

And due to the overwellming requests for the info in the centering
rings, here it is:

Description             Qty     Reg. Price
CR 10.5-13              6       $1.20
CR 10.5-18              6       $1.50

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