Body tube group purchase anyone???

Body tube group purchase anyone???

Post by al.. » Sat, 18 Feb 1995 03:10:05

Bob Kaplow writes:
>  BT-5, BT-20, BT-50, BT-55, BT-60, BT-70, and BT-80 in 34" lengths. We had
> planned on 36" lengths, but have been advised to go slightly smaller so they
> can be shipped in standard sized boxes.

In shopping for poster mailing tubes, I found 37" long 3" diameter
mailing tubes designed to have 36" inside the end caps.  These tubes
cost something like $5.00 for 4 tubes.  This would make shipments of
single nested sets of 36" long tubes up to BT-80 reasonable.  And the
mailing tubes would be nice rocket tubes (better than the kinda lumpy
tubes I settled on for posters).  The tubes were in the local
Office Depot, blue in color, and wrapped dogether in clear plastic.

In fact, I think I'll use mine to protect the tubes I have already.

Peter Alway